Home Design Trends 2022

Home Design Trends to Watch in 2022

The start of the new year is a popular time for many homeowners to think about updating their current living space or assessing what they’d like in a new home. A recent article by The Plan Collection and the National Association of Realtors predicted what design trends will make their way into American homes in 2022.

As you can see, many of these trends highlight creative expression, individuality, and design freedom. What do you think? Will you be showing off any of these trends in 2022? Personally, I love ALL of these hot home design ideas and am spotlighting a few of my favorite vendors, designers, and local friends’ work. I can’t wait to try a few in my home this year, too!

Patterned Hardwoods

Lighter woods in fun patterns like this herringbone are making a comeback. Play around with custom touches like two-tone inlays and different wood hues in different rooms. Try upcycling reclaimed wood to combat supply chain interruptions or the increased costs of brand new products.

Colorful Kitchens

Go easy on the all-white kitchens; get creative with color instead! Neutral hues like this subtle green on the cabinets and cool marbled backsplash add a subdued warmth to cooking spaces. Modern wood cabinetry is becoming more popular and open shelving incentivizes you to simplify kitchen gadgets and accessories and show off your pretty pieces.
Source: Semihandmade

Biophilic Design

Bringing the outdoors in is the name of the “biophilic” design game. This is one of my favorite design principles – connecting the outdoor environment through interior design. Think maximizing sunlight (floor-to-ceiling glass windows & doors, fresh air, lots of plants, and integrating organic elements, shapes, and colors into your home.
Source: Amber Interiors

Black Accents

Interior and exterior window frames have been slowly gaining in popularity, but expect other dark accents to make their way into the home. All black kitchens (including appliances!) are bold, and doors and trim painted an ebony hue stand out against more neutral walls. Ease into this dark trend with accents such as hardware or light fixtures.
Source: Fireclay Tile
Source: Rejuvenation

Curvier Design Elements

Like the cubbies in this drop zone by local Charlotte area builder, Pike Properties, curves add character, surprises, and a little bit of whimsy to any home. Combat too much “straight-line syndrome” with arched doorways and windows or curved roofing. Or keep it simple with circular mirrors or a curvy couch!
Source: Pike Properties

Touches of Maximalism Evoking Travel

Not into the sterile look and feel of minimalism design? Add touches of maximalism – statement pieces, textures, or colors that reflect your personality- or better yet – evoke past or inspire future travel plans. Just be careful your curated collection doesn’t trend towards too much clutter or kitsch!
Source: Juniper Print Shop

Luxury Outdoor Spaces

Source: Anna Farro with Helen Adams Realty

Being stuck at home for two years has given homeowners a chance to appreciate and make the most of their outdoor spaces. Backyards have become an extension of the interior home with large porches, outdoor fireplaces, kitchens, and upscale pools.

Above, this modern rectangular pool and guest house create a backyard oasis in the middle of Charlotte.

And nothing says outdoor luxury than sitting by the fire with the Blue Ridge Mountains in your backyard (My second favorite place in NC!).