Modern Gallery Wall - Framing Fall Autumn Light

Gallery Wall Refresh: Framing Fall Light

The arrival of Autumn marks a season of decline.  Northerly winds bring a chill to the Carolina air.  As the Earth tilts ever so slightly away from the sun with each passing day, daylight hours wane.  Late afternoon shadows and low slanted sunlight kiss the tops of trees and filter through leaves.  The sun creeps toward the horizon, bathing the landscape in warmth and the subdued but dramatic hues of gold and flax.

Much like the Autumn season, this time of day is transient, and if you don’t pay attention you might miss it.   If you’re like me, maybe you make a point to capture this pre-twilight scene as much as possible, before Autumn’s splendor fades into winter grays.  Whether it’s in my backyard or atop the Carolina highlands, you’ll find me outside on most fall afternoons, chasing that fading fall light.

Exploring Carolina Fall Splendor in the Blue Ridge Mountains Blowing Rock

While the beauty of Fall may be fleeting, feelings evoked from the season don’t have to be.  Inspired by our North Carolina mountain image above and this beautiful gallery wall on Pinterest, I decided to encapsulate the natural and organic palette of Autumn’s falling light through updated family photos in my dining room.

To showcase some of my favorite family photos and fill out the back wall in our dining room, I created this symmetric gallery wall layout a few years ago.  Using light wood, modern frames, and a simple layout, this design has been perfect for swapping out images for the seasons.

Modern Dining Room Gallery Wall

I especially loved channeling the tropic with this retro-glam palm leaf gallery wall this past summer.

Tropical Palm Leaves Gallery Wall Dining Room
Tropical Palm Leaves Gallery Wall

For the Fall season, though, I was ready to warm up the space and get some family prints back on the wall.   Never really impressed by the over-saturated, predictable reds, oranges, and yellows that dominate most fall décor, I wanted this space to call out those softer gold and flax colors of the season.

After choosing ten of my favorite family images (no easy feat!) I altered the colors in Adobe Lightroom, primarily playing around with the images’ vibrancy, adding contrast, and bumping up the exposure until I achieved the desired effect.

Photoshop Effects - Mute Subdued Color
Photoshop Effects - Mute Subdued Color
Photographing Fall Grandfather Mountain

I used Adobe InDesign to create a mockup of the prints in the frames. By saving thumbnail images of the prints first, I could swap them in and out of my “virtual” InDesign frames, creating the perfect layout before purchasing the prints.

Gallery Wall Indesign Mockup

The end result is stunning! Playing off the blue-gray wall color (Sherwin Williams’ Cityscape), my light wood frames and toned down images soak up the organic warmth and beauty of the Autumn season.

Modern Gallery Wall Autumn Slanting Light
Arranging Modern Gallery Wall
Modern Autumn Gallery Wall
Modern Gallery Wall Autumn Slanting Light
Modern Gallery Wall Refresh - Framing Fall Light
Modern Gallery Wall Autumn Slanting Light
Modern Gallery Wall Autumn Slanting Light
Modern Gallery Wall - Framing Fall Light

So what do you think? Are you as captivated by the late afternoon slanting light and falling shadows as I am? Or do you ou embrace the more vibrant and playful colors of the season? Either way, what a great time of year to fall in love with your home all over again. And if you’re thinking about listing soon, I’m here to showcase your home’s best features and help buyers envision their life in the home.